Are you a wine enthusiast? Spruce up any vino for a wino with Gallant International’s durable yet chic wine bags. The wine bags are available in a variety of different sizes, and can accommodate up to to six wine bottles. These 产品介绍s make great gifts for any special occasion! Made with 100% organic cotton, each design is of the highest quality. We specialize in personalization, so each bag can be modified by size, style, color, handle and of course artwork to identify with your customers or promote your brand identity.

One Bottle Wine Bags集结号捕鱼2破解版

Two bottle Wine Bags集结号捕鱼2破解版

Four Bottle Wine Bags集结号捕鱼2破解版

Six Bottle Wine Bags集结号捕鱼2破解版

Did not find the style/size you were looking for? No worries! Above designs are just to give you an idea of what we can do. Every bag is completely customizable to size, shape, color, print, and accessories such as zippers, buttons, pockets or trims. You can send us your inspirations, ideas, and references and we will make your bags. 

Note: None of the Gallant's branding such as Gallant's logo, hangtag, and the woven label will be included in your products. Please let us know if you would like to add personalized woven labels and hangtags to your bags.

Questions? Need a quote? Or ready to order? Call us at 949-680-4004 or email us at gallant@gallantintl.com集结号捕鱼2破解版